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 Enjoy the Full Signature Realty Services of Steve King with the value afforded with Montague, Miller & Company.
                       1160 Rustic Willow Lane Listing in Forest Lakes by Steve King Charlottesville VA Real Estate and Homes For Sale and Forest Lakes Real Estate and Homes For Sale
                                         Signage Example for a Listing in Forest Lakes
Signage includes Rider for flyer information on your home or property, a Rider header for your property or home website domain that I set up for marketing your home, along the text code to access via "smart" phones.
Before deciding on an agent to represent you in the marketing of your property or for that matter even considering the sale of your property yourself as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), you should take the time to look over the following information.  First consider the legal problems and also the forms and requirements that you must be able to understand and acquaint yourself with towards the sale of your property.  Other considerations should include realistic expectations especially in a Buyers Market, not to mention the cost and inconvenience associated with handling the process by yourself.
First check out my background on My Profile section of this site and review my experience, including the information on my "Buyer's Agent" section. My Profile
Contact me for any questions that you may have or should you desire a copy of my Security Clearance Background check. Contact
 In Virginia, you have an advantage in some respects as a Seller in that the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia are in favor of the Seller and not the Buyer.  Hence the requirement for  both Buyers and Sellers to be provided the VAR Form related to Brokerage Relationships and also the reasoning behind having the total fee for real estate commissions established for both the listing broker who represents the seller to include the fee for the buyers broker agent.   Still the two may be the same if allowed by both parties and then that listing agent becomes a Dual Agent.  Only in certain situations can I think of where this might be feasible from the buyers representation.  The Seller is required to pay for the total fee inclusive of the buyers representation and it will be paid so any Buyer should consider separate representation, especially when the laws show preference to the Seller versus the Buyer or consumer.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is known as a "caveat emptor" state which means "buyer beware" and as such you are being placed on Notice of such situation with the Disclosure and Disclaimers required to be provided to each of the parties.  Disclaimers on property condition was until recently allowed and for the most part used by Sellers of real estate in Virginia until recently when the Disclosure Form was changed and the Disclaimer Form discarded.  The current Disclosure Form still is not like the former Disclosure Form regarding detail information relative to the property condition or like many states which require Disclosure and often include the detailed items to be addressed by the Seller in representation of their properties condition that they are offering for sale.  The current Disclosure Form which is required on Resale Property sales is provided for you to review and as you will find not necessarily similar to such Disclosure Forms that are used in other states, should you have had any experience with sales outside of  Virginia.
Signage and marketing material is expensive and so is the use of other methods of sales of property by the property owner without the use of an real estate agent or Realtor® with full realty services.  Those that are covered under what is known as being your "Standard Agency" situation and provisions that are provided in regard to the Virginia Association of Realtors® (VAR) Form 400, Exclusive Authorization to Sell agreement that is used with Standard Provisions in accordance with the Regulations of the Real Estate Board of Virgina.  Marketing Methods and exposure of your property and having someone to represent you without you being directly involved with the negotiating process. 
The cost of self representation can often roll up into additional add on fees and frustration with having to deal with buyers and buyer agents.  Often, a FSBO seller has already considered the inclusion of a possible buyers agency fee into their pricing of the property.  They will often agree to pay the Buyers Agent Fee to a Broker Agent who brings an acceptable offer on the property from one of their clients.  This in itself is normally a given, unless you happen to find a knowledgeable seller and knowledgeable buyer for your property.  Even if you have some placement on the Internet and or some limited MLS service listing, fees on the buyers side are very important to insure that you are bring in all potential buyers to consider your property.  Buyers are becoming much more knowledgeable regarding properties and valuation and use of the Internet with it's rapid available services and information to the consumer and at no cost or restrictions. So basically the FSBO or sellers are looking towards keeping as much equity as possible on the sale of their home.  For example only, let's consider that a full listing service brokerage firm charged a total of 6% commission fee to list the sale of your property.  Lets also assume in this example that the total 6% fee being charged is split evenly with 3% being provided to any Broker Agents representing the  Buyer of your property  and 3 % going to them as the Listing Broker Agent fee.  You the Seller will be paying the entire 6% fee and would probably not complain if a Buyers Agent was able to bring you a buyer with you paying the Buyers Broker Agent Fee normally associated with the Real Estate Market, although not established by law, for the sale.  It would be nice if you could find a willing buyer without an agent being involved; however, they may also be considering that aspect and feel that you as the Seller should be more flexible in the pricing since you are not paying for his representation by a real estate agent.  Remember, that items that you may take for granted and for that matter, items that the buyer without representation may also take for granted may delay or cause problems with closing and settlement without additional work on each parties part.  Getting the contract signed and going to closing and collecting the money is not necessarily that easy in real estate, especially when financing is involved.  So consider all aspects involved in the sale of your property before a decision.
Please proceed to find out how you can succeed with my assistance and also be able to keep more equity in your pocket with full realty services and my Signature Services with Added Value from HomeSell Realty.  Click on the following links for examples of some listings and presentations available on the Internet with www or mobi.
Charlottesville VA and Greene County VA Commercial Property for Sale CAAR MLS Listings Forest Lakes AgentCharlottesville VA Greene County VA Homes For Sale CAAR MLS Listings Forest Lakes Agent
Charlottesville VA Greene County VA Homes for Sale CAAR MLS Listings Forest Lakes Agent Relocation Charlottesville VA Albemarle County Homes for Sale CAAR MLS Listings Forest Lakes Agent
Charlottesville VA Homes for Sale Real Estate Services Forest Lakes Agent Peacock Hill 
Charlottesville VA Homes for Sale Real Estate Services Steve King Signature Realty Services Homes for Sale Signage MLS Listings    Charlottesville VA Homes for Sale Real Estate Services Steve King Signature Realty Services Signage Home for Sale CAAR MLS Listings near NGIC and UVA
  Charlottesville VA Homes for Sale Real Estate Services Forest Lakes Agent
FOREST LAKES - Real Estate & House For Sale in SOUTH SECTION
 Home for Sale Forest Lakes 1160 Rustic Willow Lane Forest Lakes South Willow Bend Home for Sale by Steve King Realtor Charlottesville VA
MLS # 490279  -  Current Price Listed to Sell at $ 289,500 - 1160 Rustic Willow Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22911  -  Forest Lake South 
4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Baths, 2 car garage Cape Cod built by Robert Hauser for current owner in 2002 with many amenities.
  Willow Bend provides an unbelievable value with their Professional Landscaping Services year round.
 An Amazing Value in Forest Lakes, So Do Not Delay if You Desire a Home in Forest Lakes and all the amentities that it provides.
        Additional Homes Representing the Owner / Seller with Listing
Downtown Charlottesville Home with Detached Studio Aprartment
 UVA Award Winning Design - see website for their UVA ecoMOD Design Project .
223 4th Street SW, Charlottesville, VA 22903  -  Smith-Reaves Historic Home -  MLS # 480771
  For More on This Fine Home and the ecoMOD Design go to this page ecoMOD SEAM
Greene County Waterfront Home on Lake Shennandoah For Sale  
Located on (Shenandoah Lake) TWIN LAKES in Greene County
  MLS # 479867  -  528 Jonquil Road, Ruckersville, VA
Four Seasons Condos 8 Spring Court Condo For Sale Steve King Charlottesville VA
  MLS # 486352 - 8 Spring C ourt (Four Seasons Condos), Charlottesville, VA  22901
Tufton Addition
 Home for Sale in Lake Monticello at 22 Northwood Road, Palmyra, VA by Steve Kiing
22 Northwood Road, Palmyra, VA  -  Lake Monticelo  - MLS # 485459  -  Listed at $ 199,200
MLS # 485459 - (Originally Listed at $ 199,200) Now $ 175,000 - All Appliances Convey including
321 Quarry Road, Charlottesville, VA - Belmont Village for Lease by Steve King Realtor Charlottesville VA 
MLS # 487903    -     $ 1,985 A MONTH   -   1 YEAR LEASE
321 Quarry Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902 - BELMONT VILLAGE
Individual Websites are set up to Market your Property with additional Signage Riders for Potential Buyers to Access and your Properties Own Website Domain and also to gain immediate access with MOBILE Text Messaging and Link to Website which Displays a Virtual Tour of the Property Including the Neighborhood and Surrounding Amenities Available to the Property Owner.  This is in Addition to the CAAR Multiple Listing Services® IDX System with Cooperating Brokers throughout the Area and also Direct Access by the General Public of MLS Listings in the Area on the Internet.  I provide Signature Services for my Clients, both Buyers and Sellers with Full Service Realty and Additional Value Added to my Clients through HomeSell Realty.  
Signage is a very important marketing tool and our Logo Design and Color Combination provides an attractive representation to the public.  It supplies your property with an easily recognizable Sign with Riders to solicit the needs of Buyers who may drive by as many do today before even checking with an agent in doing their preliminary search for a property.  It is designed to provide those potential buyers with immediate access to those with "smart" phones that are Internet cable to have immediate access to viewing the home and details direct to it's own website by texting the code provided on the signage and the Domain Name of it's own Website and also my direct cell phone line in addition to our office number.
Brochure Boxes are also provided with the Signage to include Flyers should those that do not care to wait or are without immediate access to the Internet are able to see some details of your property.
Property Enhancement advise is also provided as a service and is very important in staging your home for assurance of presenting your property to those buyers that are very discriminate in their selection of properties in considering those to make an offer, especially in a buyers market.
A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is prepared using various analysis of different methods of similar properties in the area that have sold and also that are currently on the market is performed to assist you with pricing your home. 
The Net Seller Proceeds computation is compiled to assist you and myself to insure that sufficient equity is realized for a closing and settlement without problems or delays.
Assisting you with finding other suitable property as your buyers representative is also available for you and can be discussed.
Charlottesville VA Homes For Sale Real Estate Services Steve King Signature Real Estate Services Real Estate Webographer Listing and Marketing Services with Internet marketing Homes for Sale    I am a Certified Real Estate Webographer and member of the National Institute of Webographers.
These are just some of the benefits for my clients in representing them in Listing and Marketing their properties.  My background and expertise is varied and includes many facets of business and finance and work related to commercial property.  Please refer to my Profile provided on the "About Me" section of my website.
I could go through many details for you on this matter; however, each property brings unique opportunities for marketing and we will explore those opportunities together.
The sale of your property is ultimately up to you and I can only make suggestions to you based on my on opinions and any back up that I am able to provide to you to assist with you becoming as knowledgeable of the competition as possible.  This is a joint effort and I will do my utmost to make it as smooth as possible and also respect your desires and relationship.  I am representing you as the Seller of your property.
All clients whether Buyer Clients or Seller Clients are provided important documents that are required by the VAR that provide Brokerage Relationships and also Property Disclosures and Rights of Buyers and Sellers. 
I provide a photo shoot of your property both exterior and interior with your assistance and staging to maximize the presentation of your property on the MLS site and also on your properties own website that I will set up and obtain a domain name for WWW, text code for Mobi, Signage Rider with Domain Name and Text Code for the property.  Set up and editing of photos and information for the Internet and links to additional search engines and other online advertising.  Set up as a featured listing on my personal website at  Linkage from MLS IDX system to my websites including and the Montague, Miller & Co. website at  The MLS IDX system links to all participating brokerage firms in the area and affiliated associations and therefore is generally available to all potential buyers and their clients regardless of firm affiliation.
I represent you as the Seller and I do not care which Brokers Agent brings us that needed Buyer, we are marketing to all of the area brokerages and also to buyers without representation.  There are many potential buyers that use the Internet first in finding properties and doing their research before making contact with an agent for representation.  We want those buyers and target are marketing and presentation of your property towards those buyers. 
Some Items that are performed in your behalf in the preparation and marketing of your home from start to finish:
Research and Analysis of your Property Details and Records
Determination of Pricing - CMA and other analysis
Sellers Net Proceeds Estimate
Fix-up and maintenance issues, if any
Photo Shoots including additional lighting. if needed, Set Up, Editing, Publishing Internet Related Marketing
MLS Data entry and Photos and Documents
Assignment and Placement of SupraeKey Box for Property key and access by Agents to Property for Showings
Set up of a Domain Name (depends on availability at time of request of set up) and Website
Loading of information and edited photos to websites and related links.
Ordering of Riders for Signage and Printing of Flyers and Marketing Material for Brochure Box Signage
Set up of Welcome Area inside the property for Agents to register when entering and using the Lock box for access.  Note the use of the Lock box includes wireless links to a Security Site for ID of agent.
Providing a Binder with additional Flyers and information and documents on the property deemed appropriate by the owner / seller. 
Possible associated Mortgage Company, affiliated material to assist potential buyers and their agents with Financing Information available relative to the financing for a purchase  of your property.
Marketing Plan and Third Party Publications and Websites. 
Receiving Offers from other agents representing buyers interested in the purchase of your property and immediately providing you those offers.
Recommendations when requested by you as the client and seller regarding the negotiating process.  Review of any strategy before hand and during an offer presentation established with you the client.
Assisting with procedure and obtaining Homeowners Association Documents when needed and required for delivery to the buyers agent.
Delivery of HOA Documents provided by you to the Buyer through their agent.
Providing you a list of any closing agents, real estate attorneys, etc. if needed in handling your side of the closing.  Review of the Sellers Net Proceeds Estimate with actual cost from those contracted.
Being available to assist with assuring that your property is available to the Appraiser of the property in regard to any Financing requirements by the lender of the Mortgage being obtained by a buyer.
Being available to assist with the assurance that the buyers home inspector and radon inspector if required have access to the property for their inspections for the buyer, if necessary.
Follow-up with Radon Inspector if needed for access to pick up the radon monitor.
Assurance of setting up and obtaining a Pest and Wood Infestation Inspection of the Property required by the Seller for Closing and providing the report to the Buyers Closing Agent / Attorney.
Assisting you as the Seller regardless of the representation of the Buyer that all goes as smoothly as possible to the closing date and ultimate settlement on the contract provisions.
Coordinating with your attorney or closing agency any necessary documents needed to insure a smooth closing.
Being available to accompany you for your closing and settlement as needed.
Removal of signage, binders etc. from property and closing out of the MLS listings.  Insuring that the keys to the property, including garage door openers are provided to the Buyers or their Agent.
Are you desiring someone who will represent you as the seller and have the background to both market and also assist you with valuation and negotiating assistance when needed?  Do you want someone that is highly professional and dedicated towards assisting you throughout the entire process of selling your home?  Do you want to keep more equity in your pocket from the sale of your property?  If your answer is " Yes" then you should contact me to discuss just how I may be able to assist you with being your listing agent.  If not, then you need to insure that you are properly prepared to compete with properties that are represented by a realty listing agent, including the ability to make and negotiate the sale with a bonafide buyer for your own property and be able to follow through on the processes to the closing and settlement. 
Note:  Albemarle County, has an unusual system of closing of property transactions with separate closings and statements provided to the respective parties.  The Seller will normally go to their own separate Sellers Closing sometimes even a day earlier than the Buyers Closing that is normally in different locations with their respective attorney or closing firm providing their respective closing for the property.   The confirmation on Financing from the Underwriter is normally provided to each respective attorney / closing agent and the numbers are calculated as to how much in cost are necessary from the Buyer who provides the Deed and Clear Title with General Warranty on the property to the Buyer.  This includes the real estate agency fees for both Broker Buyers Agent and Listing Agent for the total of the fee contracted.   The total amount is offset by the amount of Earnest Money / downpayment made with the offer and deposited in an Escrow Account normally of the Buyers Broker Agency immediatley after the  ratification (written contract to purchase provisiions agreed and signed by both of the Buyer and Seller). See the items provided in the Sellers Estimated Net Estimate for more information.   The Buyers attorney / closing agent calculates the monies due from the Buyer from the information provided by the Lending Institution providing the Mortgage monies and provides the Buyers with the detailed information and obtains the balance of monies due from the Buyers.
All Information believed accurate but is not guaranteed.
Seller's Agent
Charlottesville VA Homes for Sale Real Estate Services
Disclaimer and Notes:  The above sales are from Montague, Miller & Co. REALTORS and my previous affiliation with HomeSell Realty and Real Estate III (BHG Real Estate III).
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